Regulations of the loyalty program "SIDRO Regular Customer Card"

1. Loyalty card entitles you to a discount at the stationary store


ul. Krochmalna 54 lok. U6
00-864 Warszawa

2. Discounts earned from the card do not combine with other promotions.

3. The use of the card is possible only by the person assigned to it.

4. Discounts accrue cumulatively, once the specified thresholds are exceeded.

5. Any person over the age of 13 can join the program. In order to receive the card, you must fill out a registration form and sign a consent to process personal data.

6. By completing the form, you agree to allow Sidro Jovana Djurovic NIP: 5361938730, to process your personal data for the purpose of participating in the Loyalty Program and obtaining the SIDRO STORE Loyalty Card.

7. Signing the completed registration form implies consent to the processing of the data contained in the form.

8. The program is designed to reward loyal Sidro Store customers by awarding points that entitle them to discounts on purchases at the Sidro Store stationary store in Warsaw at Krochmalna 54, premises U6. The program does not include purchases through the store website

9. By participating in the program and accumulating points on your account, you can get discounts on purchases ranging from 5% to 15% of the transaction value

10. 1 point is 1 zloty spent

11. A Loyalty Card must be presented during the transaction.

12. Discount thresholds :

  • 1000 points - minus 5% on subsequent purchases
  • 5000 points - minus 10% on subsequent purchases
  • 10000 points - minus 15% on subsequent purchases
  • 15000 points - minus 20% on subsequent purchases
§1 General provisions

1. These Regulations set forth the terms and conditions of the Loyalty Card Regular Customer Program, hereinafter referred to as the "Program".

2. The organizer of the program is Sidro Jovana Djurovic with its registered office in Warsaw 00-864, Krochmalna Street 54, premises U6, hereinafter referred to as the "Organizer".

3. The program is addressed to customers - hereinafter referred to as "Participants" - making purchases at the Sidro Store stationary store at 54 Krochmalna Street, premises U6.

4. The purpose of the Program is to reward Participants who purchase products whose value in zlotys is converted into points at the rate of 1 zloty 1 point is accumulated on the Regular Customer Card bearing an individual number and subject to registration in the database of the Organizer - hereinafter referred to as the "Regular Customer Card". After collecting the number of points specified in these Regulations, they are subject to exchange for a discount, which is calculated for subsequent purchases.

5. The Regulations are binding on the Organizer and the Participant from the moment they are announced.

6. Any rights under the Program may not be transferred by the Participant to a third party.

§2 Terms and conditions of participation in the Program - Regular Customer Card

To join the Program, it is necessary to meet the following conditions together:

1. Making a purchase at the Sidro Store stationary store at 54 Krochmalna Street U6 premises in Warsaw.

2. Provision by the Participant of his/her personal data - name, surname, e-mail address and telephone number, and submission of a statement of the Participant's consent to the processing of his/her personal data for purposes related to the implementation of the Program. Fulfillment of this condition is achieved by properly completing and signing the form available in the store. In the form, the Participant also agrees to receive commercial information from the Organizer via email newsletter and text messages .

3. Reading and accepting the contents of these Regulations.

a) From the moment the Participant receives the Regular Customer Card, he/she may accumulate points on his/her account by using the Regular Customer Card when shopping at the Sidro Store at 54 Krochmalna Street, premises U6.

b) If a user does not make a purchase within a 12-month period, their card balance is reset to zero and returns to the base discount.

c) If the Participant does not collect at least 1 point within 24 months, the Program account and the Loyalty Card expire at the end of 24 months.

d) Special selective offers may be directed to Program Participants.

e) The Loyalty Card is assigned to only one Program Participant.

f) The participant is not allowed to share the Card with third parties, under pain of deprivation of the privileges of the Program, including loss of points collected on the Card.

4. The Card carries an individual, unique Card number, which is the number of the Program Participant.

5. The Organizer or its employee may ask any person using the Loyalty Card to show an identity document in order to confirm the person's authorization to use the Loyalty Card shown.

6. The Loyalty Card is a plastic identification card and is necessary to identify Program Participants.

7. The Loyalty Card is not a payment, credit or ATM card.


§3 Accumulation of points on the account of the Program Participant

1. Points in the Program are awarded for making a purchase at the Sidro Store stationary store at 54 Krochmalna Street, premises U6

2. Points can only be accrued upon presentation of the Loyalty Card.

3. Points are converted on the basis of the purchase made in zlotys, 1 zloty translates into 1 point

4. Discount assigned to the Program, does not combine with other discounts and offers.

5. The Participant is entitled at any time to receive information about the status of the Program account and the number of points accumulated on the Card. Such information can be obtained in person when making purchases in the store and by e-mail, sending a prior inquiry to the Organizer at the following address

6. The Organizer reserves the right to deny the Participant the opportunity to make a purchase using the Card (and accrue points), in the case of the purchase of goods in bulk or goods purchased under such circumstances that indicate that the purchase is made by the Participant in connection with his/her commercial or business activity, and in particular for resale.

7. Points collected on the Participant's Card are not exchangeable for cash, nor can they be transferred or sold by the Participant to third parties.

§4 Processing of personal data.

At the time of joining the Program, the Participant voluntarily agrees to the processing by Sidro Jovana Djurovic, ul. Krochmalna 54, premises U6, of his/her personal data contained in this statement for marketing purposes, including participation in promotional actions, without transferring them to third parties, in accordance with Article 23(1)(1) of the Personal Data Protection Act of 29.08.1997 (consolidated text, Journal of Laws of 2002, No. 101, item 926, as amended).

1. At the same time, the Participant agrees to send Sidro Jovana Djurovic commercial information in the form of email and sms.

2. Personal data provided by Participants in accordance with paragraph 1 above, will be processed in order for the Organizer to perform its obligations to Participants as provided for in these Regulations, as well as to perform the agreement concluded with the Participant and for marketing purposes (providing commercial information).

3. The Participant has the right to access the content of his/her data and to correct, amend and delete it. In order to exercise these rights, the Participant may send an appropriate request to the Organizer to the following address e-mail:

4. Once the data is deleted, the card loses its validity.

§5 Final Provisions

1. The Organizer has the right to close the User's account at any time due to the Participant's violation of the Terms and Conditions, in particular by improper use of the Card, providing false data or impersonating another person. Points accumulated on the Card of such a User, shall be cancelled in full.

2. A participant may resign from participation in the Program at any time. He/she shall submit his/her resignation in writing at the store indicated in the Regulations or by e-mail sent to the address: Upon delivery of the cancellation, all points accumulated on the Card are canceled and the Participant's Account is closed.

3. The Organizer reserves the right to change these Regulations during the Program. Subject to paragraph 5 below, each change of the Regulations will be announced by the Organizer via e-mail 1 month in advance, and the information about the changes will also be located in the store.

4. The Participant will be informed and changes to the Terms and Conditions via email or sms, sent using the contact information provided by the Participant in the Program registration form, and for a period of 1 month after receiving such information

5. The program is valid for an indefinite period of time. The Organizer reserves the right to terminate it. The Organizer will inform about the termination of the Program in the store and by e-mail 1 month in advance. Participants will also be notified of the termination of the Program in the manner specified in paragraph 5 above.

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