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Founded by Jovana Djurović, the SIDRO brand reflects deep-rooted beliefs in responsible fashion, authenticity and a long-standing commitment to the highest standards of quality. Our goal is to create clothing that is not only beautiful, but also ethically sourced, and fully in tune with the spirit and character of those who wear it.

"SIDRO (Serbian for "anchor") is my business baby, which I created out of my love for swimming. The story begins with swimwear. My dream was to create such a swimsuit that would meet all these parameters - it would be sewn from the highest quality materials that are environmentally friendly, as well as be suitable for women of different silhouettes and available in rich colors. And you know what, it worked! This important step showed me that in fashion nothing is impossible - with some you just have to try harder."

Jovana Djurović,   owner of Sidro Store.


All of our clothes are created in Poland. This local production not only means supporting our economy, but also enables us to closely monitor quality and production processes.


Our garments are created from carefully selected materials that breathe with you. We choose fabrics that pass our quality control, but are also durable and skin-friendly, providing you with the ultimate comfort for everyday wear. We create what we ourselves would like to wear.


We believe that our customers have the right to know how and where their clothes are made. That's why our production is fully transparent. We operate on an "open kitchen" basis - our atelier is located behind a glass window, in the same place as the concept store, so we have a constant view of the production process.


We understand that everyone's style is dynamic and evolving. That's why we offer the opportunity to remake the clothes you purchase in our studio. This allows the clothes to evolve with you, providing continued satisfaction and comfort.


All of our cuts and designs are our own idea. We care about the environment, for us it's quality, not quantity that counts, so if a particular product catches your eye, but there is no size or color in which you would see yourself, contact us and we will sew the product to your liking.

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