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Made Me Wear It: Swimwear Edition

Summer is in full swing, and we all dream of a day at the beach, enjoying the sun, sand and sea breeze. But what to wear to feel both stylish and comfortable? Here are five unique styles that will...

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What fabrics to choose for summer? A guide to the best fabrics for warm days

Summer is a time when our clothes must not only look stylish, but, above all, provide comfort and breathability. Choosing the right materials is key to feeling comfortable and looking great,...

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Elegance and comfort with the Malaga swimsuit

Summer is here, and that means it's time to refresh our closet with new, stylish pieces. One of the must-haves of this season is our most beautiful Malaga swimsuit, which impresses with its...

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Summer trends and styles

Summer is a time when we can play with fashion, enjoy light fabrics and bold colors. In our blog, you'll find summer styling inspiration that will help you look stylish and feel comfortable in any...

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5 perfect ideas for Mother's Day

Mother's Day is fast approaching, and this is the perfect opportunity to bring joy to the most important person in our lives. On this special day, we thank our mothers for their love, support and...

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Closet care: How to prolong the life of your favorite clothes?

Taking good care of your clothes is the key to their longevity, as well as a way to save money and reduce waste. Learn how to properly care for your clothes so they retain their quality and...

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Planet-friendly fashion: Everything you need to know about eco-friendly materials

Ecology is becoming increasingly central to every aspect of our lives, including fashion. However, finding responsible choices can be difficult in an industry that often suffers from opaque...

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Chlorine and UV rays: what effect do they have on bathing suits and how to protect against them?

Summer is a time when many of us are looking for the perfect swimsuit, not only for aesthetic reasons, but also for functional ones. Some of the most important aspects to look at when choosing a...

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Spring 2024 color trends: from timeless beige to juicy orange

Spring 2024 brings with it a color palette that combines subtle elegance with bolder proposals. Looking at the color trends for this season, we can see a fascinating combination of timeless shades...

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